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The classical/flamenco guitar is a fantastic ensemble instrument that blends well with many instruments. Duo combinations include guitar with violin, flute, soprano sax, voice or another guitar. Larger ensembles may be arranged upon request. The repertoire and dynamic range of two or more musicians is very flexible and can be tailored to any occasion.

Vance's primary duet partner is gifted violinist Don V. Lax. Together they perform at the world-famous Four Seasons Resort Maui At Wailea. Their diverse backgrounds and unique talents blend to form the alchemical magic of Apassionata - a musical union of eclectic variety, focused mastery and harmonized expression.

"We play music from the heart. Whether it's Bach or Rock, Gypsy or Jazz, Middle Eastern, Tango or Irish Folk, what we want to convey is the passion underlying the notes - the soul of the music."

Hear excerpts from their CD recordings and also, see Don Lax's Maui Violin site and the Apassionata site for additional information and alternative sound samples.


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